Wastebeds 1 through 8 Integrated IRM – Pipe Inclination Survey

    OBG Inclination Survey
    O’Brien and Gere Engineers, Inc. (OBG) was the design engineer and construction manager for the Wastebeds 1 through 8 Integrated IRM project at the Honeywell International, Inc. project site at Onondaga Lake in the City of Syracuse, New York.

    The project included installing 6,400 feet of 8- and 10-inch HDPE collection piping with three directional bores under roads.

    OBG required pipe inclination of the piping advanced through the bores under each road to confirm the pitch of the piping met project tolerances.

    SUI utilized the Envirosight RovverX crawler camera onboard inclinometer to capture pipe inclination at approximate 1-inch intervals. The raw inclination data was imported into WinCan (Version 8.0) video pipeline inspection software and a vertical profile of the piping was generated to show the vertical alignment of the piping.

    Deliverables included the pipe vertical alignment profiles.

    • Service Area: CCTV Inspection