Marcy Nanocenter QL-A Utility Investigation

    Subsurface Utility Imaging (SUI) was retained to perform an ASCE Quality Level A Subsurface Utility Investigation for two projects in conjunction with the development of the Marcy Nanocenter.

    In support of engineering design of a new 24-inch watermain to service the Nanocenter complex, SUI exposed (potholed) the existing watermain at two locations (four total potholes) to determine the location and elevation of the watermain at the proposed tap locations. A skid-mounted vacuum excavator was utilized to access the site location due to wet conditions.

    SUI also performed an ASCE Quality Level A Subsurface Utility Investigation in support of engineering design for a proposed access road to the substation that services the Nanocenter complex. The access road was proposed to cross two fiber optic lines at two separate locations. SUI exposed (potholed) each fiber optic line at four locations each (eight total potholes) to determine the precise location and elevation.

    • Project Cost: $13,000
    • Service Area: Utility Investigations